Instant Video Meeting reports for Project Managers ✨

Annotated, chaptered meeting reports as soon as they're over.
Create your company's knowledge base - with all your recorded meetings and highlights, their transcription and automatic summaries.


During your meetings

Focus on the conversation - not note taking

Audio & Video Recording

Spoke records and transcribes anything you say - live

Just click to highlight

With the Spoke Pad a simple click pins key moments

After your meeting

Create and share superhero meeting reports - or simple clips containing moments of truth.

Automatic summaries

Enjoy instant meeting minutes with action points

Next gen meeting reports

Create complete reports containing your notes and reorganised thematic highlights. Take data based decisions.

Share your Meetings

In one click, share your reports, highlights or recordings wherever work happens.

Emails, Slack, Notion. You name it.



Collaborate, access and create content anytime.

Your company spoken's knowledge base

Create libraries of company, customer and market knowledge organized in project flows.
Invite your teammates and partners to consult or edit your content inside workspaces.

Search your company's content

Save thousands of dollars by keeping track of all your conversations you have with your clients. No more scope creep.

Conduct brief asynchronous meetings

When direct discussions are not required - skip the meeting, speak out and share explanatory spoke recordings.
Add those recordings to your project flows.

Ready to catch up on meetings in seconds?

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