Your companion for all your video meeting projects ✨

Record, transcribe and summarize your meetings. Tag the key ideas and share them with your team instantly.


Relaxed like a Koala

Who's in charge of taking notes today? Spoke.

Always present

Spoke automatically joins your meetings. You don't even have to think about it.


Never lose a moment nor your focus. Tag moments (e.g. "to-do") with a single click.


Spoke dutifully transcribes everything that was said into text. You'll never forget anything.


Spoke is easy to set up. Create your first summary in minutes.


Organize your notes and find them instantly from your first use.


All your conversations are encrypted and only accessible from your personal space.

Your Elephant memory

Find all your conversations with their context (video, notes, transcription) in a single place.


Looking for a number or an important information? Find it by simply typing a keyword.


Organize your conversations using categories and tags so you never forget anything.


Analyze and summarize long conversations in minutes without any loading time.


The Cheetah's speed

From meeting to shared meeting minutes in less than 1 minute on the clock!

Live retranscription

No more days waiting for your meeting minutes. Find them as soon as your meeting is over.

Instant selection

Interested in a particular quote? Highlight it to extract it. Yep... it's that simple.

Instant sharing

Share links to your summaries or key moments. Add your notes and transcript instantly to your CRM.

Simple & transparent pricing

Pay according to your usage on Spoke

YearlySave 16%
/user/monthuser/annualized per monthmonthuser/annualized per monthmonthuser/annualized per monthmonthuser/annualized per month
Automatic transcriptionThe transcription time you can use on Spoke25 hoursunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Cloud storageThe number of conversations you can store on Spoke20 conversations total80unlimitedunlimited
Export and downloadsSpoke allows you to export your videos raw or edited, with or without subtitles, your notes in Word format, and your subtitles in Word and subtitle format.-unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Team collaborationShare and edit your Spokes as a team. Search through all your conversations from a single centralized location.--
PersonalizationFull customization of Spoke. e.g.: white label sharing, customization of the virtual notetaker, etc.--
SupportWe are at your side 24/7 to share with you the best techniques and to help you quickly get the hang of the tool.chatchatchat & vidéochat & vidéo
API accessAccess all our services via your personal API key for a custom integration.---
ChooseChooseChooseChooseChooseChooseRequest an accessRequest an access

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5 / 5

No app came close to suiting what I need like Spoke does!

Francesco Luigi Zangarini - CMO @Universidad Rafael Urdaneta
4.5 / 5

Excellent tool. It allows you to find important information so much faster.

Tom Cotter - Leadership Mentor @Powur, PBC
5 / 5

Amazing quality transcriptions and approach.

Jay Stockwell - Co-Founder & CMO @Beeline

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